08 January 2010

"jimmy fallon playing robert pattinson playing edward cullen" - so po-mo

first and foremost, go here (if you haven't already): robertisbothered.com. my favorites are "halloween" and "snickers ads," but watch them all.

obviously, figuring out a way to make it look like jimmy fallon looking like robert pattinson looking like edward cullen would be practically impossible. so, if you ever find yourself in such a post-modern debacle.... then you're a nerd like me for using words like "post-modern" and "debacle." basically, i just traced pattinson as edward, skipping all that other in-between nonsense.

i will say this one turned out surprisingly well, and it looked better in person that it does in photograph. after all, it is a vampire..... EYOOO. anyway, here is a shout-out to probably the best twilight cake ever made.

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: 2 hours + a huge thank you to mr. fallon for having a ton of time on his hands

so sparkly,
sassy badger