04 May 2014

"louis and mowgli" - you're welcome

this cake was made in november of 2013. it's may of 2014. the other day i couldn't even remember my new year's resolution about being a more productive human being, so i'm not even going to apologize for this sickening amount of procrastination.

actually, i'm pretty sorry about it. i'm always sorry about it. onwards...

as an (i thought) established rule of thumb, i do not take requests for cakes from people unless they are'a paying me'a the big'a bucks'a. if you didn't read that with an italian accent, you're'a wrong'a. but, yea, i usually just fucking make a cake and that person has to deal with it. and they have to eat it. and they have to like it. or. else.

oh, you didn't want me to put something embarrassing or completely inappropriate on your cake? don't care.

so, when someone asked me to make a cake of her dog... 1. gross. dogs are the worst. 2. i don't think so. those are not the rules.

instead, i made a cake of her dog and her favorite human being, louis ck. joke's on her! that's what you get for trying to tell me what to do. you get something better than what you even asked for! so... ha!

i know we've already established that dogs are super offensive, but maybe some of you harbor similar feelings towards gingers. if that is the case, i, again, am sorry about it. i didn't mean to subject you to something so horrendous without fair warning. also, men in general, right? they're the worst. this cake is just disgusting.

anyway, moral of the story is, don't try to pressure me into doing something that i don't want to do. don't even think about it. unless you want me to just lay down and take it. i think i'm going to add "standing up for myself" to my new year's resolution. somebody remind me about it tomorrow!

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: as if i remember something from 6 months ago +  i am wearing a hat. i forgot how this blog works.

louie, louie, lou-iiii,
sassy badger