07 March 2012

"princess tiana" - stressed

every sassy badger (so far there's just been the one, me) must enter an era of his/her/only her career (i don't make money for this) when she makes cakes that solely make obscure references to television shows, and, thus, require a detailed explanation which is so... blah.

everyone should just watch what i watch and know what i know and have the same brain as me. it's such a simple request. i'd do it for you. 

before i break this down, i will say... no, i'm going to break it down first.

on private practice, taye diggs's's character has a sister. his sister, corinne, suffers from bipolar disorder. his sister, corinne, is played by anika noni rose. anika noni rose was the voice of princess tiana in disney's (keeping it in the family, abc) the princess and the frog. ok. those are the facts.

so, cartoons are literally infinity times easier to ice than say... aj langer as rayanne graff from my so called life, which was an early version of this cake. it's another pp reference. ugh. GET IN MY HEAD NOW.

right, so i settled on princess tiana. autocorrect keeps changing it to "princess diana." too soon, autocorrect, too soon. 

again, right, settled on the design. and then i stressed for literally 26 hours on the text, and, as always, my idea came to me at about 1:40am. which was fine because i was up reading castle fanfiction on my phone anyway. no shame.

in case you don't get how it all makes sense, and, for some reason, you're still reading, here it goes: in my head, corinne, a television character, claims to be an animated princess, because she was, sort of, in another life... so, the doctors misdiagnosed her when she was actually telling the truth, sort of. get it? I DON'T CARE. IT'S PRETTY AND TASTED GOOD.

i wish private practice was that self-referential. i also wish they would bring the cat back. i worry about him. and... if he got sick, then addison could take him to a pet hospital, where six incredibly beautiful vets happen to work. boom. another spinoff... feral. because it's animals, and also because the doctors are wild in the boudoir, if you know what i mean.

[patting myself on the back]

alright, so there's a nice little, concise explanation for you. i would also like to say that i developed a new, innovative technique that is dope, but i will not bore you with the specifics. you're welcome.

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: 1.5 hours + 67 minutes to write this post because it was so confusing and i didn't want to do it, and i spent 16 minutes of it searching variations of "how to get hair like stana katic."

almost there,
sassy noni badger

ps - i'm thinking about starting to include a "soundtrack" from now on. for instance, aguilera's "this christmas" was a hot track during this decorating experience.