23 March 2013


i feel like i am doing this new artwork zero justice. my great friend, jen "jenno miller time" miller has been working on these for like a year... every single day, doing nothing else, ever, with her time. 

but, seriously, they have been in the works for awhile now, and i cannot even contain how excited i am. how awesome they are. look at you go, jenno. 

seriously, i'm going to have to redesign the entire blog around these, which i don't know anything about. so, should be a doozy and a half.

czech out more of jen here: http://cargocollective.com/jenmiller

oh, what a day!

13 March 2013

"mike wazowski" - half and half

if this neglected blog was a tamagotchi, it would have shit itself to death by now... 

but, you know, i don't have the time or the money to make a cake every single day just to write about it.  also, my stomach couldn't handle that much sugar... is something i say out loud so people think i don't just eat icing straight out of the bag. 

umm, yea, bags of icing. bags. like a fucking cake boss. legit decorating tools... found at a local michael's near you. it's usually on the aisle between the scrapbooking paper and the yards of lace and beads and other creepy shit that you'd decorate a picture frame with. if you hit the model trains, you've gone too far.

anyway, i made this cake for my current place of work that, as of today, is no longer my current place of work. funny how that works out, isn't it? funny how mike's eye is like a substitute for the letter "i" isn't it? funny how pointing out puns makes them funnier, isn't it? 


much like my tamagotchi parenting, i was lazy as possible with this cake. i didn't mix any colors. i just willed them to be in my refrigerator, and there they were, right behind the cheesy blaster i made for the 30 rock finale. in january. the mold and icing were a similar shade of green, and i was caught up in it's beauty for awhile. yolo.

but, yes, this is the second and last cake i'll make for hurwitz creative as the company runner/coffee bitch. thank you to everyone there for everything ever. who knew placing staples orders could be so fun? that's thanks to all of you.

for the next few months, you can find me over at grey's anatomy. at craft services. eating. what a gig.

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: 2.5 hours + 3 glorious seconds on the office-wide intercom where i got to announce "cake," and tens of people answered the call. dream come true.

sassy badger