07 May 2013

"bobo/babu" - it's a weird one

this might be the hardest one to explain because even i don't know the full story here. so, what if i didn't explain anything at all?











nothing, probably, because you only come here for the pictures. don't you? long story short there is a doll in the grey's writers' room that looks like this:

i know, super cute and not weird or creepy as fuck at all. his/her name is bobo/babu. he/she is a replacement doll for another monkey whose head fell off of it's body, as is typical with creepy as fuck monkey dolls. i am also told that this original doll, umi, died and was reincarnated many times over, as is typical with creepy as fuck monkey dolls. however, despite these efforts to revive umi for good, he/she was never the same as he/she used to be, which is when bobo/babu entered the picture/photograph.

bobo/babu seems to have made his/her home here. writers are knitting him/her hats and scarves and clothing him/her and offering him/her jobs on the writing staff. just when you thought grey's couldn't push the envelope any further, there we go again, letting monkeys write episodes. i apologize in advance for all the banana puns alex karev is going to be dropping in the third episode of the season... bobo/babu is really into those.

anyway, season ten. here we go! 

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: 3.5 hours + a 3 page email chain containing the origin story of umi/bobo/babu that i pretended to read but totally didn't. 

"i don't see what yang finds so aPEELing about cardio,"
sassy badger