01 March 2011

"dan" - some words of wisdom

wow. it has been a very, very long time since an update, like not since 2010. and 1. this was made in december, so still nothing going on for 2011, and 2. this is so obscure that only people in my class would even catch the reference.

SORRY TO EVERYONE ELSE, maybe you should have some parties with some killer themes so that i have a reason to decorate again. jeez, kthanks.

anyway, this guy aka dan knight... no, not this dan knight:
i honestly have no idea who that guy is, but i wish he was our teacher. our dan knight looks exactly like the cake, if i do say so myself. same side-mouth talking, side-hair parting, green-shirt wearing dude you see before you. dan was always giving us super cliche advice about how to make movies and direct actors and live life. never helpful, always a good time.

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: 3 hours + 1 awesome weekend building sets, lighting scenes, and eating donuts. TEAM BETH FO'EVA.

dialogue before action points to,
sassy badger