07 July 2010

"fc barcelona" - like an engineer

for those of you that follow soccer/football outside of this year's world cup, you'll recognize this as the crest of fc barcelona. for those of you that just joined the program: welcome, we're happy to have you, please leave your vuvuzelas at the door. now, of course, the initials AJB are replacing the FCB that normally reside in the middle of the shield. maybe one day AJB will be lucky enough to have his own club. i'd play for him... if he paid well.

half-way through designing this cake, i just started laughing out loud, LOL'ing if you will. at this stage, it hardly looked edible: 

i would like to include some more tidbits about FCB for you. however, about 85% of the club plays on spain's national team, and, seeing as how i missed their game today against germany, i would like to avoid spoilers as much as possible until i watch the replay at midnight. 

if you somehow ruin this game for me, your exclusive membership to the badger blog will be revoked. THAT IS ALL. 

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: 1.5 hours + 1 beautiful month of early morning games, breakfast tacos, cuatro-trons, and frats in demin cutoffs and american flag apparel

go netherlands,
sassy badger