27 November 2012

"frankenweenie" - new job

considering i've still been making cakes for my old internship since like forever, some of you might not know that i actually have a new, different job. some of you, like 99.9-100% of you don't care.

still, this is the first cake i've made for my new place of work, so it's a really big deal. as you can see, i made it for halloween, and we are actually past thanksgiving, but here's the thing about jobs... they make it almost impossible for you to come home and want to do something other than tweet/facebook/fall asleep at your desk/eat cheez-its for dinner/make excuses/rinse/repeat. all for $8 an hour! in this economy!?

people really don't say that enough these days.

anyway, my new job makes fancy "creative content" like behind-the-scenes stuff and featurettes stuff and stuff. i do the behind-the-scenes-behind-the-scenes stuff like making coffee and ordering office supplies and tying bows on boxes. you can call me the lynchpin of the operation. i wish someone would...

anyway, again, we have a bunch of different clients and we work on a bunch of different films, but they are all super difficult to draw except for frankenweenie, so that's what i did. except, and here's how i know i'm a creative type, i changed "frankenweenie" to "halloweenie" because the cake was for a halloween party. can you even believe it!?

people definitely don't say that enough these days.

i obviously didn't completely follow the look of the film, as frankenweenie is all black and white, but i mean, live a little, tim burton! am i right?

people really can stop saying that these days.

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: 1.5 hours + 20 minutes walking around the fox lot looking for ed o'neill because i was in my "icebox" costume from little giants. that would've been a reunion for the ages. am i right?

it's alive,
sassy badger