31 May 2010

"p. terry's" - it just made me hungry

so i took "intro to documentary" this semester, and, like my screenwriting class, i became known as the girl who would bring baked goods. unfortunately this class was much less forgiving if i ever showed up empty-handed... including the teacher.

one day we screened one of my projects, and i brought cookies. after class, my teacher complimented me on the cookies.... and only the cookies. like many of my other film classes, these kids suggested i take up professional cake decorating if my career in hollywood doesn't work out. who wants to make movies about blue cat people anyway? for a group of kids with huge dreams, we are sometimes incredibly realistic, rational, and unsupportive. i love it.

anyway, one of my classmates did his project on p.terry's burger stand. talking about food is one thing, but watching it in HD, that's just cruel. even though this was not my project, i felt it was easiest to translate to cake. sadly, my teacher required that this collaboration of ideas be documented:

strangely, no one suggested i consider modeling as a back-up career. however, i can honestly say that this photo encapsulates how truly awkward it was in this moment. anyway, if you've got some time, check out the p. terry's doc.

and you can check out the doc my partner and i made as well.

and check out all the other videos, and everything else we did this semester.

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: 45 minutes + 1 threat to be sued in the midst of making our project

never been better, 
sassy badger

11 May 2010

"a generic frodo" - nerdier than greek

yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is, in fact, elvish. i was told that it says "happy birthday, allison," but for all i know it could say "and the jay-z song was on." now, that would be baller, but not what i was going for. i really cannot express how beyond my level of nerd expertise this is, and that is saying a lot.

also, this was a very difficult design to work with. there are no simple, cute, cartoon characters in lord of the rings. thanks, peter jackson (and thanks for ruining the lovely bones as well). i did find a few LOTR coloring books, which this kind of looks like, and combined those with some of the movie posters of elijah wood, which this is like a mirror reflection of..... ha. basically, it's a dude in a cloak with a necklace on, and he has no eyes. if that doesn't scream frodo baggins, then, get your eyes checked.

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: 2 hours + 10 hours of my life napping while in the movie theater for the three LOTR movies, best sleep i've ever gotten.

the one ring to rule them all,
sassy badger

"women's water polo" - get paid

so, this is the first time any cake of mine has made money. no money went to my pocket, but women's water polo made like $15 at their silent auction. i'm hiring a lawyer to insure i get royalties, or whatever, next time.

any way, the auction was pretty cool. i took home a very special gift for a very special cat FOR ONLY A DOLLAR. if only kitten mittons were available, meeeeee-owwww: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGNnEmd9jw8

but, the family that took this home consisted of two bratty tweens and their dad's wallet. i mean the dad was there too, but it went something like this:

1. girls walk up to an item
2. they write down a bid
3. they ask their dad if they can bid on it
4. he says no
5. they say too late
6. he sighs
7. repeat steps 1-6.

kids these days.

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: 1 hour + 2 years of low self-esteem due to living with a highly active water polo player. THANKS, BECCA.

one size fits all,
sassy badger