02 July 2012

"dr. sheldon wallace (in a purple suit)" - just because

guys, in case you were worried that i was going to branch out and try new things, this is yet another private practice cake.

the italics make it seem like there is a show called another private practice. same characters, just set like twenty years from now, when they all move to florida together and open a practice on the beach. oh, don't mind me, coming up with super innovative ideas over here...

also, to answer the question that i know you all have been dying to ask, yes, this is a pun riffing on brian benben's name. puns are the pathetic underbelly of jokes/humanity, but i can justify it because it's on a fucking cake and you can fucking eat it. i mean, that's like a well-known, totally not made up rule about comedy, of which i am not an expert.

on imdb, this website on the internet, they describe brian benben as a "charming, compactly built, extremely affable american actor."

charming? yes. compact? yes. affable? yes. american? who can say?

but seriously the guy is 100% charming and affable and translating that in icing sucked. i'd say i semi-failed. i gave him a little eye light to try to capture that twinkle he gets, but have you ever tried to wrangle a rainbow? can't be done.

similarly, when he smiles he gets these wrinkles up in the corners of his eyes, so i tried to do that too at first. well, the "wrinkles" made him look like an old man geisha... that's a thing.

so, basically, this looks like brian benben because of 1. the hair part and 2. he's in a suit, which, unfortunately, came out very purple. i swear on old man geishas everywhere that this was the result of mixing black dye with white icing. i skipped color class in kindergarten (i had to see a guy about a thing), but i'm pretty sure black + white = grey.  whatever, sheldon might own a purple suit. i don't know! i hardly know the guy!

finally, i made this honestly because i was starting to feel out of practice, and i was like, "sorry chris*, i'm going to have to cancel our date because i would rather spend three hours in my hot, tiny kitchen." that's partially the truth!

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: 2 hours + 30 minutes being distracted by mindy kaling and b.j. novak's twitter fight last night.

married to madeleine stowe,
sassy badger

*hemsworth. obviously.