08 February 2010

"krusty the clown" - the importance of words

according to the dictionary, a show is a) a theatrical presentation; b) a radio or television program; or c) a public performance. nowhere does the dictionary refer to a show as a movie. shows are not movies. 

person 1: have you seen the show Avatar?
me: you mean the airbender cartoon?
person 1: no the one about blue cat people...

see how confusing it can be? so, i and other members of my cause are going to keep correcting my friend who must not be named (whose name is on the cake). and he will keep saying "gosh, you film nerds are so stuck up." or "only you austin people care about the distinction."

if by "austin people" he means everyone else in the world. and by "distinction" he means truth.... then, yes. since we already know his dictionary is sketchy, i'm going to assume that's what he means.

a small point, the Simpsons can also refer to a movie. but that does NOT disprove my point.... i hope?

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: 3 hours + 1 Avatar: the Last Airbender movie that had to change its name because of some other movie that some people have seen

can i get a witness,
sassy badger