10 November 2013

"hope" - nerds, beware

remember how i always complain about doing cakes of people's faces? especially when it's just a person i know, not some celebrity? remember how i always swear that i'll never do one of those kinds of cakes again?


who do i complain to about being forced to do this kind of work? human resources? oh right, here at sassy badger, i am human resources. i'm also the ceo and the entire marketing team and that weird intern i had to hire because i am my own niece...

so, as i go on, let me turn this over to the web content developer/explainer of things/keeper of folklore sassy badger.

this person here on this cake is one of our wonderful surgical residents at grey's, hope. she is a sometimes inhabitant of the los angeles area, but more often is a resident (in the geographical and medical sense) far away, where she saves real lives, while concurrently helping our writers save fake lives and beating me in fantasy basketball. i could probably beat her in real basketball, though, just sayin.

see how i left the g off of "saying"? that's because social media analyst sassy badger said it's a good way to connect with "the youth," our key demographic.

anyway, like a month ago, hope decided to come back to los angeles for like a week. naturally, we had to throw a party.

as we had made the hilarious "you're our only hope" joke before... we are writers in this office after all... it seemed like a great idea for the cake. however, it's actually a difficult idea for a cake.

there was one incarnation of this undertaking where an r2-d2 projected out a hologram hope, like in the movie. but that idea didn't get past quality control manager sassy badger aka i'm not fucking stupid enough to even pretend to attempt to make anything that remotely resembles a hologram out of icing.

so, i just made her princess leia hope instead. and yes, nerds, i get it. she can't both be leia and the one saying "you're our only hope," when she/leia/hope is, in fact,  the hope that she/leia/hope is referring to. trust me, i get it. customer services sassy badger read all of your grievances to me.

for those of you who aren't nerds... don't fucking worry about it. just go back to your boyfriends and your nail art and your .mp3 players and whatever else it is that you're into.

oops. shit. the social media analyst sassy badger just told me that "the youth" don't like to see large blocks of text, and they are, most likely, not even reading this post anymore.

there, youth. are you happy?

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: 2.5 hours + 0 understanding of fantasy sports... could not be more disappointed with the lack of unicorns in this league.

a wretched hive of scum and villainy,
sassy badger