23 November 2011

"fancy cat" - real class

i made this cake for an art show, predominantly a cat art show. you can watch all about it here:

i really don't think it needs much more explanation than that. i still can't believe that night really happened. however, i will say that i drew this cake entirely free hand... that's why the milk martini and shrimp cocktail are so well done. 

either way, this cat keeps his pinkies up. that's how you know it's fancy.

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: 2 hours + one glorious night reduced to a glorious sixteen minutes.

break me off a piece of that fancy feast,
sassy badger

02 November 2011

"bow-tie pikachu" - obscurity

"long time no see" - me to this blog. 

in case you don't know, i've been in los angeles for the semester, and i'm already so famous that i don't have time to bake anymore.

well, that is partly true. i have been in los angeles, living in temporary housing with a crummy oven and no mixer. do you seriously expect me to mix cake batter by hand? it appears i have no choice out here. life is hard.

while here in los angeles, i have been interning in the writers' office of a lil' show called private practice (ask your mom about it). anyway, everything on this cake has to do with the show in some way, and i will now explain it to you, but i do not expect you to understand... unless you work at pp, in which case, let's pretend you aren't reading this.

so, there's a writer at work - let's call him "gabe llanas," and he wears bow ties every tuesday because he's classy like that. and last week, at the table read, he read for the part of mason, who is the son of the character cooper on the show. mason is eight, and gabe is not eight. 

although, that would be pretty great, and i would totally make a show about an eight-year-old who writes for a medical drama. 

but, anyway, gabe is there, in front of all the other actors and producers and people more important than me, and he's reading opposite paul adelstein, and brian benben cannot stop laughing, and yes i am done namedropping... all in all, it was hilarious, and if you want to see the real thing, tune in to private practice, thursdays on abc. check your local listings. boom, advertising. 

this specific scene is in episode 510. so, if that episode beats out all the other shows, i'm taking all the credit. you're welcome.

and there you have it, folks. now, you're in the know.

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: 2 hours + 4 viewings of the entire fourth season of private practice. so, a question ever comes up in pub trivia about who slept with who in season four, call me up!

i know it's my destiny,
sassy badger