04 May 2011

"ron swanson" - bully for me

in case you aren't already, watch parks and rec. it is honestly my favorite show on television, and i'm like in a tv writing class and i like watch a lot of tv so i'm like an expert or like something.

but, yea, it's pretty great, and i want you to love it too, so start with season 2. it will rock your world, and then go back and watch season 1. they were definitely still figuring out that leslie knope is not michael scott and that this show is not the office. however, from the beginning they were definitely aware that ron swanson is the greatest human being, real and fictional. the show is so strong with amy poehler alone, but nick offerman's swanson seriously knocks it out of the park. he is both men in the term "man's man." he is so great, that i couldn't even throw away my drawing. it's right up there next to all the other awesome things i did this year, like take passport photos.

anyway, this was, in fact, made for my tv writing class party. and, once again, true to film students, i was told that i could make cakes when my tv/film career doesn't work out. i seriously love my classmates, we are so realistic about our futures, no matter how grim and depressing they may be. i've seriously got to at least make it in craft services. being on set, in any way, fulfills about half of my dream. close second, y'all.

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: 2 hours + a life goal to achieve swanson's pyramid of greatness

director of the parks department of pawnee, indiana,
sassy badger

"thing 2" - innocence lost

so, i just finished up the most beneficial class of my four years in college, "racism and anti-racism." seriously, some incredible, eye-opening, life-changing stuff. everyone take it, for reals.

anyway, dr. seuss has actually been known for being an anti-racist "activist," especially during WWII. however, as we were discussing japanese concentration... umm internment camps, we came across some unsavory cartoons by mr. geisel. obviously good people do dumb things sometimes, so this news didn't completely shatter my childhood, as the cake suggests. it was more of, what did i learn in "racism and anti-racism" that would be fun to put on a cake? white supremacy? check minus.

the cake was white with chocolate icing... obviously it couldn't pass in this class otherwise. and it took me about an hour to decide on a seuss character. the man was a pretty legit cartoonist, in case you weren't already aware. no simple line drawings or clipart type things, some shading that i don't even know how to tackle on paper, let alone on a cake. also, there are about infinity iconic seuss characters. 

i wanted to go with the cat in the hat, but  it was too difficult, and it reminded me too much of mike meyers and spencer breslin (what are you up to nowadays, spence?). however, my girl dakota fanning did rock that movie and every other thing she has ever done, ever. anyway, so i went with thing 2 because thing 1 was the obvious choice. can't be too cliche. i've got to keep you guessing.

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: 1.5 hours + a 12 page paper left in this class that stands between me and graduation, no big deal

most known by the pen name,
sassy badger