22 February 2012

"cougar town" - penny can!

yea... i accidentally deleted the picture of the whole cake, but at least people seemed to enjoy it?

anyway, cougar town, had a contest where fans were supposed to take pictures of themselves playing penny can (it's a game about throwing pennies in cans, moving on) in crazy places. so, obviously, my friend, ben, and i went crazy X-TREME. although, i'm sure my twelve readers have already seen this, but WATCH OUR VIDEO.


but, like, here's the thing. when the people said "photo contest," they really meant photo. not moving photos or anything. sorry, we're film students. sorry we're not sorry.

so, apart from a shout-out on twitter (which is basically social currency these days), we did not win. the winner played penny can in egypt... big whoop... on a camel... oh, ok, yea pretty sweet.

still, we had an awesome time making it, and we got to drink and eat cake. win-win. everyone watch cougar town!

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: 1.5 hours + about 17 cents down the drain after shooting that video.

not about cougars anymore,
sassy badger

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  1. ahaha my favorite part was when y'all tried to kick the penny (ball) into the (trash) can