04 April 2012

"scandal" - trying new things

guys, i know i promised i wouldn't let hollywood change me, but the time has finally come for sassy badger to move on to bigger things... that's why this cake is 14.5 x 11in. when every other cake i've made has been 13 x 9.

woah, calm down. catch your breath. i'm still the same member of the weasel family i've always been - just as sassy, just as poor. 

this is also the first cake i've ever leveled (it's like really complicated, don't worry about it). it's the first time i've iced the sides (also SUPER complicated), and it's the first time i had to flip it from the pan to a tray. but, unlike landing a boyfriend, i turned out to be super good at all that stuff. 

anyway, this cake is for scandal, the new brain-child of shonda rhimes. i've seen the pilot. it's good. watch it.

like the cake i made for the finder, the show hasn't started yet (april 5th, ok?!), so there are only a few promotional materials floating around the interwebs for me to pull ideas from. when i saw the quote, the idea followed quickly after... she says her gut tells her things, and then her gut tells her to watch the show.  you see, it's funny because her stomach is talking. GET IT, GUYS?

i should mention that she/her is kerry washington in the lead role of olivia pope. and, if you're looking at the cake and thinking one of her arms is longer than the other, you're wrong. kerry just stands like a badass. that's why she has a show. take note.

can i also point out that, when kerry washington wears her hair back with a headband (like every day at soccer ever for me), she looks like this: 

but i look like this:

like, what gives, hereditary gods?

anyway, i ran into a couple of problems on this one... i bought "creamy peach" icing dye, thinking it would be this nice, calm, professional color. like the color of resume paper. i thought it would look nice. i now have two cans full of a highlighter pink icing that i got instead. at least i'm ready for every fraternity cake party ever. i didn't really go out in college, but i think those are things.

i also dropped a bag of icing on the top right corner of the cake, so that's why it looks so shoddy. the more you know... oh wait, that was a thing on nbc, and i've already sold my soul to abc. it won't happen again. 

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: 3.5 hours + one giant bowl of leftover "cake parts" just staring at me. baking during lent when you give up sweets is like the ultimate test of willpower. so, you're welcome, jesus.

famous for playing ray charles's wife,
sassy badger

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