11 October 2012

"true blood" - why not?

this cake was made about infinity weeks ago, so i don't remember what super intelligent things i was going to say about it. i do, however, recall that this cake was pretty easy... like all those vampires in true blood, am i right? heyooooo.

i have not seen enough of the show to know if i am, in fact, right. anyone? are they easy lays? do they sparkle?

anyway, this cake probably had the worst ratio of "time spent deciding how to decorate it and then pretending to draw it for a hot minute before giving up and tracing it" to "time spent actually decorating." but, i have to say, like, really, what a payoff. puns like that, fully formed expressions of comedy, don't just reveal themselves for any poser. it takes a real kind of artist to free something so beautiful.

and it takes a really pretentious twenty-something with a blog to regard a vampire pun written in icing as high art. lucky for you, i am a pretentious twenty-something with a blog.

pretentious twenty-something with a blog, coming to your television sets in 2013.

speaking of icing, though, that is legitimately some of the best black icing i have ever mixed, and it was because i cheated and half-mixed-half-bought the pre-made black icing. excuse me while i go pray my 6 hail mary's and 3 our glory be's, the typical fare for crimes against baking. oh by the way, father, while i'm here, we good on eternal salvation?

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: 30 minutes + the year of my life i spent reading twilight fanfiction that i would like back. vampires, man, why the have to be so sexy?

i wanna do bad things with you*,
sassy badger


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