12 September 2009

"dwight schrute" - do your googling

unless someone is holding the cutco spatula spreader to your throat, do not make a cake of a real live human being (paula abdul does not count).
i digress. if possible, find a cartoon or caricature on the internet somewhere. a lot of cake decorators recommend a great search engine called google. it can be found at www.google.com ... if you cannot find one, take james van der beek/michael cera/jesus/paula abdul to a six flags and get that creepy teenager to draw a caricature of the both of you for a mere 15 bucks. while you're at it, get your ridiculous name airbrushed onto a tee with some dolphins or something.
anyway, i was lucky enough to find a cartoon of dwight (also known as rainn wilson to about 3 people). then i just wrote the name of my soccer team in yellow, to coordinate with the tie (read: i was too lazy to mix a new color). finally, i added a question mark because we lost every game of our season. team work is dream work.

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: 2 hours + 6 hours of losing soccer games

get in the kitchen, stop your bitchin',
sassy badger

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