13 October 2009

"george w." - slow down, yo

in his 8 years in office, there were probably about 1.6 million cartoons of george w. floating around. however, on the day that i need to put him on a cake, i cannot find a single one that works for me. BUT i had less than 3 hours, so i settled. i did not even bother to trace it, and voila! it looks nothing like him... instead it looks more like that guy from "the closer."* see:

also, with no time, i sort of didn't mix colors very well (or at all). no worries, "skin tone" looks like a spray tan at spring break, if mixed improperly - which is definitely what i was going for... and i just used whatever other colors i had. when did george bush not look good in a powder blue suit and magenta tie?

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: 1.5 hours, a personal record with such subpar results. it's like you and dumbledore finding the locket so fast but then discovering it's not a real horcrux.

batter up,
sassy badger

*the actor's name is george william "g.w." bailey, who has the same initials as george w. bush. oh ho ho, the irony is not lost on me baking gods.

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  1. i want a george bush cake. or better yet, a roscoe cake.