20 October 2009

"lickitung" - take a pitcha first

here's a sad truth i've discovered: the nerdier the image, the easier it's going to be to decorate. i mean, honestly, lickitung has some of the easiest shapes and fewest colors i have ever worked with. thanks a lot pokemon artists! could you not set aside your gameboy and put your comic books down long enough to draw some more intricate characters? many thanks, sincerely.

we also ran into a bit of a transportation problem with this one, seemingly obvious advice to follow...

take a picture before the cake leaves the counter. we tried to illegally sneak this one into the school's cafeteria... in a tote bag... turned up on its side. let's just say, tote bags aren't nearly as icing absorbent as you might think.

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: 2 hours and 3 bloody hangnails (how else do you think i mixed pink icing?)

wash your hands and cover your cough,
sassy badger

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