10 December 2009

"bob dylan" - the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard

so, my greek professor is obsessed with bob dylan. and by obsessed, i mean for real:

anyway, i made him this cake which combines his 2 most favorite things, bob and greek. just so you know, this guy is passionate about absolutely everything he does. he took one look at this cake and within 1 hour, he had forwarded a picture of it on to bob dylan's manager, jeff rosen. i kid you not. the next day, rosen sent an email to me via professor palaima...

"the cake is great! what happened to the days when students would just give their teachers apples?"

ok, so that is cool enough in itself. then i received word again from palaima just today, this time he told me that rosen had shown the picture to dylan. i'm not expecting any word from bob himself, but seriously. BOB. DYLAN. HAS. SEEN. MY. CAKE. what?

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: 2.5 hours, starting at 2 in the am + 3 hours of sleep = the best surprise a girl could ask for.

it ain't no use to sit and wonder why, babe,
sassy badger

p.s. - the cake says "what life, what joy without golden Dylan?" which (nerd alert) references mimnerus, a greek poet, who wrote "what life, what joy without golden Aphrodite?"

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