14 June 2010

"california raisin" - it's not kramer

this might be the most obscure pop-culture reference i have put on a cake so far. i mean, the way they market these raisins is even pretty obscure: figurines, t-shirts, deodorant sticks, etc... i think they even made a few television episodes - "the day the grapes went to the beach," or something like that. budumchhhhhhh!

my first choice was to put kramer on this cake, you know THE painting of kramer. i know you know the one, but it was just super difficult. sorry, michael richards and michael rotko.

anyway, i'm not sure if this particular raisin even exists, but he looks like he's having a good time. he's rocking those shades and those kicks. i'd tap that....

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: 1.5 hours + minor extraction surgery when my 4-year-old self stuck a raisin up my nose and couldn't get it out.

it went in a raisin, and came out a grape. think about it,
sassy badger

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  1. i don't have to think about it...i saw it!