14 June 2010

"lady gaga" - unexplainable

if anyone can explain to me the weird costumes or the "telephone" video or lady gaga in general, i would really appreciate it. i feel like she sort of just popped up out of nowhere, taking up whole episodes of glee and ripping off ace of base, left and right. don't get me wrong, her music is pretty good, but what?

my favorite part about designing this cake was google-ing lady gaga because the search results always suggested "lady gaga hermaphrodite." i mean, hello, jeffrey euginides called, he wants his book back.... anyone? just to keep you in the loop, the term hermaphrodite is being phased out and replaced with "intersex," as it carries less of a stigma. thank you, intersex society of north america.

anyway, i made this cake for my boss, and it was well received by the entire office. best of all, they actually let me and the other interns out of the back room to eat a piece of cake. seeing as how screenplay interns are the bottom of the bottom, this was such exciting news; i could hardly contain myself. thus, i did not even eat a slice of cake for fear that my good mood plus a sugar rush would only lead to self-destruction when i realized i still had 4 hours of paper-pushing to go.

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: 2.5 hours + an extra 6 minutes tagged on to "telephone" to make the most logic-defying music video of all time

born stefani joanne angelina germanotta,
sassy badger

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