10 November 2010

"black swan" - it's pretty perfect

i was only able to see two movies at aff this year, 127 hours and black swan. both seriously MESSED ME UP, but i highly suggest you go see both; it's only fair.

anyway, this cake was basically a bribe for letting me skip an entire week of work. however, it might have ended up landing me more work in the future. the film guys at the office sent a picture of this to the producer of black swan and some guys at fox searchlight. move over spielberg, i'm running your craft service and your animatronic shark is in the way of my sandwich table. but for serious, that was pretty cool, and i haven't been sued yet for any copyright infringement. and natalie portman's "people" haven't shown up at my door or anything, although that would probably be worth it too.

hey, if i learned anything from this movie, it's that you have to do what it takes to get ahead. if that means exploiting queen amidala in some bird makeup just to make connections in the biz, then so be it. i'll see you in hollywood, bitchesssss.

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: 2.5 hours + 3 awesome scenes of winona ryder as a washed up performer, mmmmfamiliar

a ballet in four acts,
sassy badger

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