10 November 2010

"radish" - what a waste

oh dear. it's a greek cake. AGAIN. and it's a radish! why? because we learned there is one word in greek that literally means to stick a radish up your fundament aka bum. sounds FUNdament, right? yes, but wrong. it was actually a really gross form of punishment. so the next time you find yourself in ancient greece, don't even think about adulteratin'.

in case that isn't enough happy FUNdament times for you, i took this one to class, and we didn't even get to eat it. instead we were all "radished" by the hardest quiz known to man, woman, and vegetable. on top of that, it got a little too chummy with a liter of rc cola, and it didn't survive the bus ride home. however, as you can plainly see, it's not like a whole lot of hard work went into this one.

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: 30 minutes + 1 vegetable that i will never eat ever again

banging on a trashcan, drumming on a streetlight,
sassy badger

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