06 August 2011

"the finder" - professionalism

my reply, finder writers, is YES.

the finder hasn't technically aired yet, apart from its backdoor pilot on bones, but one look at geoff stults, and the answer is pretty straight forward. you certainly landed a looker, lucy camden. 7th heaven? anyone? every twentysomething girl? ok great.

basically, the show hinges on the fact that the finder can find anything, anywhere, anytime. but, as i posit, it would be alright if occasionally his power was voided when it came to his clothes. like maybe there's some sort of cosmic power shift every 3rd aquarium moon in the 9th house of the sun. i don't know, but i'm pretty sure the fifth dimension sing a song about it.

anyway, i really hate this cake. as the show hasn't started yet, there were not a whole lot of promotional photos or anything to base this on. if only there was someone who could find a photo for me..... womp. womp.

also, a contact somewhat commissioned this cake, as she is going to send it to the production company for me as a follow-up to my resume. i'm seriously hoping to land an internship there, emptying trash cans and getting coffee for the assistant's assistant. you know, all that glamorous stuff. so, i took this as seriously as an interview. therefore, those are, in fact, nervous tears and forehead sweat you taste in your slice...

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: 3.5 hours + 6 seasons of waiting for booth and bones to finally get together... oh wait, this is the finder. still, hooray!  

sometimes known as walter sherman,
sassy badger

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