28 September 2013

"mat-two" - surprise!

do you know my boss? do you know what her husband looks like? did you know they were having a baby? no?

sucks for you.

oh shit. do they know they're having a baby? well, i guess they do now... congrats, you guys!?!!

but, for real, of all the cakes on this blog, i'm pretty sure this is the most inside of inside jokes. the deepest of deep cuts. might as well throw some glasses on it and call it a hipster. but, please don't. i don't want it to lose it's street cred.

everybody be cool.

but, for those of you on the outside of this joke, all you need to know is that my boss is having a baby boy. so, i made the baby look as much like her husband as possible because, ya know, he is also a boy. tmi?

and, anyway, her husband's last name is mattoo. so, it was going to say, "congrats on mattoo number two!" because they already have a mattoo number one (coincidentally, that is her name) and "mattoo number two" had a nice ring to it.

however, nothing gets past my eagle eye*, and there was an obvious opportunity to make a pun here. so you know, in "badger's rules of baking," the third rule is, if you have the choice between making a pun or not, you make the fucking pun. rule one is always dance around your kitchen like you're in a baking montage; although, be sure to turn the volume down on the wilson-phillips enough to hear the oven timer go off. and the second rule is beer before liquor.

so, following the third rule, "mattoo number two" became "mat-two." and the cake was a huge success. looks like i set the bar pretty high for the actual mat-two... sorry, kid. no pressure.

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: 1.5 hours +  $9.99 spent on the wilson-phillips greatest "hits" collection.

mattoo number three,
sassy badger

*my other eye is a regular human one

ps - CONGRATS, stacy and kan!

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