22 July 2014

"tony & joan" - a minor construction project

here's the story of a little booty.
that was laying around in our writers' room.

and that's as far as i got on that brady bunch parody. can't say i didn't try.

this red booty was found in our offices one day, long before i even started working there. no one knew where it came from or what possessed it to appear, but it has become a running practical joke between two of the writers. 

basically the booty gets passed back in forth in a variety of ways, in ways the writer least expects, in ways that involve a lot of work. in one way which i will document below...

i was asked by the pranker to hide the booty inside of the prankee's going away cake. a cake that was going to be shared by a dozen innocent bystanders. obviously. so, first, i delicately cut out a hiding square.

"hiding square" is also what i call a restroom stall when i'm at a party i don't want to go to...

then, i rolled the booty up and filled in the remaining space of the hiding square. 

that took some serious, black-ops, martha stewart-esque engineering, let me tell you. whenever it's convenient, you can send me an honorary masters in pranking crafts from whichever accredited university carries such a graduate program.

i covered that layer in icing, put the other layer of the cake on top, and bam!

the decoration itself is a picture of our two bosses who were leaving grey's at the end of last season, one of whom was the prankee. and they are joined at the head in reference to an episode of our show, written by the prankee, in which two twins were joined at the head. and it has a taylor swift quote because 1. that was the title of said episode written by the prankee, 2. it's like relevant and shit to the situation, and 3. t swift is a goddess and she deserves to be worshipped in every way, shape, or form.

ideally, the prankee would've cut into the cake, found the booty, been so surprised, and screamed very loudly in disbelief. instead, what happened was the prankee managed to cut a perfect piece of cake around the booty and hand it off to someone else, who then had to hand it back to the prankee, who then found the booty, was so surprised, and screamed loudly in disbelief.

needless to say, no one ate this cake because the booty was covered in years of dirt and pranks and, likely, witchcraft. still, for a cake that wasn't eaten, i'm pretty pleased with the result. and just because i'm never going to get to say it again... prankee.

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: 3 hours + 1 hour of construction +  7 grammy's for taylor swift, you beautiful, majestic unicorn

you go talk to your friends, talk to my friends, talk to me,
sassy badger

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