28 March 2010

"abraham lincoln" - history lesson

for his party invitation, my friend included a laundry list of promises. now, derek is a man of his word, so i tried to complete as much of the checklist as possible. i wore plaid, i brought a cake, and abraham lincoln was in attendance (sort of). according to derek, it might be too soon for abe jokes. i trust him, he's a history fiend; he told his first jesus joke last month. but i figured sassy badger could get away with it.

i don't know if you know, but abraham lincoln lived in a time when there were no colored photographs. so, i did a bit of researching. in a self-description, lincoln described himself as 6'3", dark brown hair, and grey eyes. it made things easy for me. grey for the suit and his eyes. and i just used chocolate icing for the beard/eyebrows/mole, which i also think reflects nicely on lincoln's inclinations towards slavery. too much?  anyway, i have a close-up of that mole if you're interested in a new desktop background.

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: 2.5 hours + a lifetime of disappointment for the lack of elian gonzalez and a "two-way petting zoo"promised at this party

the pride and joy of illinois, and all the usa,
sassy badger

P.S. - this is my second post about a president, and i have one from a barack obama cake (although he was senator at the time of it's baking). i'm thinking of completing all 44 presidents. so, if anyone's having a herbert hoover party, let me know. or maybe you're more of a millard fillmore fan?