28 March 2010

"rooster" - what's in a name?

NERD ALERT: it's another greek cake!

another semester, another fabulous greek class. i still have my two amigos from last year and we FINALLY hung out outside of anything related to greek for joy's birthday. when joy asked that this cake be brought to class and not to her party, i happily obliged because:

1. NERD ALERT: it's a greek cake.

2. the writing in green is defined in our book as the animal "cock." yes, let's explain that one to a room of people i don't know very well at el arroyo. luckily, our teacher, larry kim, let's us translate it as "rooster" so that we can "maintain our sensibilities." thank you, larry.

(sidebar: larry is 39 years old. i seriously thought he was 25 all year. he says it's probably because he's asian. he also believes that his eyebrows, which sit rather high on his forehead, convince people he is constantly in a state of surprise, only adding to the child-like curiosity of his features. end sidebar.)

3. it's a greek cake. the brown writing is based off a homework sentence we had about socrates... come on.

however, the sentence was easy to manipulate because joy is a noun, a word that we actually have in english and greek. i feel like i sort of sort-changed bob dylan in this respect (no big deal). anyway, it reads "we would gladly stand on the earth that gave us Joy."

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: 2 hours + about 6 seconds to convince larry kim to let us skip class and see "clash of the titans" next week

release the kraken,
sassy badger

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