28 March 2010

"spider-man" - i wish i made this cake for me

if you've gone through my movie collection, looked at the posters on my wall back home, or perused through my bookshelves, then you know, undoubtedly, i am in love with spider-man.

let's keep this PG: imagine a game of "kiss, date, or dump" between spider-man, batman, and superman... what would you do? when about 90% of everyone else chooses to shoot (i mean dump) him, i always choose to marry (i mean date) him. how do clark kent and bruce wayne even compare to the awkward, gangly, forever-teenager that is peter parker?????? let's be serious.

i did have a spider-man cake made for me once, but i don't have a picture of it. maybe the people who made it do (HINT). i'd gladly do a side-by-side comparison... but honestly, i loved that cake.

anyway, this cake had to be perfect. 1. it's spider-man. 2. i made it for a kid. a real person. not one of my slightly inebriated, albeit charming, friends. it took me a long while to settle on the design, but i must say it's probably my favorite cake so far. and, sadly, i have not been able to give it to mansour, so, gladly, i might get to eat it. maybe i did make this cake for me.

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: 3 hours + a 4th spider-man movie cancelled, just so they can make a different spider-man movie with a different actor playing spider-man...

your friendly neighborhood cake baker,
sassy badger


  1. ok, my little Spidey nerd, great cake! I can see why it's your favorite! Remind me... did I make you a Spidey cake once? I just remember all the Star Wars cakes, oh and don't forget the Power Rangers...

  2. no spider-man cake from you!
    and yes the power rangers that melted on the way to dallas

  3. you just had to go there... you sassy badger you!