14 March 2015

"construction" - don't forget the milk

why did i take the picture of the cake like this? did i think the light from the blinds looked cool? hipster? nice? did i just need to leave the house and was too lazy to move it?

here we have another cake for another one of my bosses. i made young theo's first birthday cakes, too, and i am just realizing that i never posted a blog about them, and i don't even know if i have pictures of them. so, just like, imagine planes or whatever. perfect.

this year, the theme was construction, in case that wasn't obvious. what was asked for was a cake like all the other cakes i've made - with a picture of a bulldozer or a crane or something. but, no, i had to go looking for ideas on the intertubes. isn't it cute how they make the sides look like caution tape? look at the cute "dirt." isn't that a cool idea?

so, once again, i was trying out a whole bunch of techniques that i had never tried before. that's always a good idea when you are making cake for someone who you report to. and by always, i mean never. do you know what is a good idea, though? oreo dirt.

for every oreo that i crushed for decorations, i ate like two or three or nine. god, i have not eaten anything but sugar for about two weeks. in lieu of flowers at my funeral, please make a donation to the diabetes foundation. we cannot dia-beat-this at the rate i'm going.

like the frozen cake, this is not the final product. i dropped off the cake and a bag of oreo dirt, and my boss filled in the rest with toy trucks lifting and dumping the dirt all over the cake. she also placed some candles that looked like construction cones. shit was dope. too bad i wasn't invited to this party. or the other one. it's fine, you guys. it's fine. i guess i'll just see you every day of the week at work. (if you're reading this, let's skip on monday, okay?)

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: 3 hours + 2 trips to the grocery store because, despite writing everything down, i forgot to buy milk to drink with the oreos. priorities.

can we fix it?,
sassy badger

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