14 March 2015

"naser" - murrca

my dear, dear friend naser recently became a citizen of these here united states. of course, everyone at work had to celebrate because murrca. so, on wednesday we determined that friday (crazy how days of the week work, huh?) we would celebrate this grand ol' country to our hearts' content.

we asked naser if he would like a ham or a cake to celebrate his new citizenship. he opted for the ham, but this is fucking murrca. in murrca, you get both.

in explaining all of the doors that would be opened to him with his newfound statehood, naser told us that one of the big changes was that he could now run for senate, should he so choose. well, obviously, i thought he should so choose.

the thing about naser is that he changes his facial hair and hairstyle about as often as obama fucks with traffic in los angeles... a lot. so, i do believe that this cake actually does look a lot like my friend. but maybe not how he looks right now. or how he will look ever again. but how he looked at one point in time. (crazy how hair works, huh?)

the icing is obviously white and blue. or blue and white, depending on how the light hits the dress. i also made the cake itself "red." now, if i had made the cake as red as say a red velvet cake, then it would have tasted like turpentine. i'm not really sure what that is. something about painting, and i'm sure it tastes gross. all of that to say, the cake looked a little more pink than red, but everyone be cool and deal with. i can call that pink "red" if i want to because freedom of speech. because murrca.

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: 1.5 hours + 9 "patriotic" items i gifted to naser including a football, an apple pie, and toby keith's "greatest" "hits." thanks for the free digital download, amazon!

courtesy of the red, white, and blue,
sassy badger

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