14 March 2015

"dadbert" - surprise!

many moons ago, my father asked me to make a cake and write a blog post for him because i could not be with him to celebrate on his birthday. so, being the amazing daughter that i am, i flew all the way to houston to surprise him with a birthday cake in person... and then i waited four months to post the blog about it.

i said i was amazing. i never said i was perfect. (but mostly i am.)

the great thing about going home is that my bedroom is not also my living room and kitchen. oh and also family and junk. but the best thing about going home to bake is mom. mom who makes the cake and does the base layer of icing for you. mom who owns the nice mixer and all the colors and all the cake tips. mom who has marble counter tops as far as the eye can see, which, in my case, is only about six feet in front of me when i'm not wearing corrective lenses.

i was so hyped to fly home to surprise my dad with a cake in person that i did not even think about what the cake should be. do i work better under pressure? yes. was that the smartest thing though? no. win some, lose some. six half dozens either way. so on and so forth.

but, dilbert/dadbert was actually a pretty great choice. my dad likes it. it's freaking easy to ice. my dad built on this idea saying that it was dadbert, like in the way you pronounce "colbert." dad also likes colbert. it's a hat on a hat on a cake or something. i'm really crushing it with the idioms today.

also, this cake got a pretty fancy photoshoot. dad's birthday was in november. we had the fireplace going. which, in houston, means it was probably 68 degrees outside. obviously, my cousin had to arrange a shot worthy of instagram, whatever that is. so, here's the cake from a different angle, #nofilter.

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: 1 hour + my first layover in phoenix that didn't get delayed. there's only so much time you can spend looking at native american-inspired socks and pottery.

written and illustrated by scott adams, 
sassy badger

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