03 February 2019

"ariel and thom" - sorry for the delay

well, look at this. over a year since i updated this thing. over a year since i made the cake above. one of my new year's resolutions is to not be such a piece of shit... so here we go... in february.

this is an engagement cake! for some friends, ariel and thom, who have now been married over a year! it's supposed to look like a bottle of whiskey. maker's mark, specifically. which is their favorite, which i know because i'm such a good friend (still a piece of shit, but a good friend). and look! i slapped on some hearts and made it all romantic and voila! an engagement cake.

it took me forever to mix the golden whiskey color, and i still think it looks more like a bottle of mustard than a bottle of whiskey, but they loved it and never wanted to eat it, and maybe they still haven't eaten it. maybe i wrote this thing before they ate their cake. i'll take it!

if there are things i know a lot about, it's putting off writing and decorating cakes. if there are things i know very little about, it's whiskey. but, hey, i tried!

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: 2 hours (i'm making this up because i don't remember) + 18 months between making this and writing about it.

distilled, aged, and bottled,
sassy badger

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