04 February 2019

"dibs on the puppy" - hoes and hose

another cake with a dog. ugh. why does this keep happening to me?

this dog's name is charlie. and he is a fictional dog played by a real dog. that's how hollywood works. "charlie" was on the very first episode of station 19! a show that i happen to work for! he did a very good job... for a dog. take a look.

there's also a firehose on the cake because station 19 is about firefighters. it also says "dibs on the puppy" on the cake because that was a quote from station 19, which is a show about firefighters. do you understand how hollywood works, yet?

i made this for a watch party for our first episode. at first, i couldn't figure out what to put on the cake, but then i realized i had all of these colors already mixed. and i didn't feel like mixing more. i'm pretty innovative that way.

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: 3 hours + 20 minutes of our premiere interrupted by a loud, beeping weather warning. whatever! we're not bitter about it!

a spinoff of grey's anatomy,
sassy badger

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