04 February 2019

"tommy john and lila" - a better texas cake!!

did you know i am from texas? i like almost never talk about it...

i was wanting to make a cake for my friends who were having a baby (18 months ago when i made this cake, the child is like a full adult now), and they are also from texas because texas is amazing. and i thought, "wouldn't it be doubly amazing if i could make a texas shaped cake?" but as i thought that through, it seemed really hard, and i don't like to try that much. so, then, i thought, "wouldn't it be great if someone made a texas shaped cake pan?" and sure enough... someone did!

wilton, specifically, back in 1986. they didn't make any other state shaped cake pans because no other state is as great as texas. i'm from texas! did you know that?

i found this pan on ebay. one seller was selling it for $18, another for $75. and because i'm just made of money, like rolling in the dough, i bought the $18 one. and it worked really well! and now it's hanging up in my kitchen because i love texas! and i'm from there!

again, this cake was for my friends. they were about to have their first human child. their first first child is their dog, lila. i hate dogs, but lila is fine. as far as dogs go. here's lila:

i think i did a pretty fucking great job at capturing her essence. but please do not ask me to make you dog cakes in the future. like i said, i hate dogs.

the baby on the cake is in a snow leopard costume because the baby's dad often wears a snow leopard costume. look, you don't know these people, and that sucks for you, but i'm not going to explain it much further than that. anyway, i didn't do an amazing job of capturing the baby (who now goes by "tommy john") or his essence. he's a lot chubbier. but he does have a snow leopard costume irl... and he hates wearing it. sorry.

my biggest regret was that i put a white cake on a white cake board. and i should've done some sort of border around the edges. hello. live a little, me! but, overall, i think it turned out so, so well. my first texas cake could not have gone better. texas, texas, texas! i'm from texas!

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: 2.5 hours + 3 months of "baby shark" stuck in my head after hearing tommy john's mom sing it.

yes like the baseball player and the surgery,
sassy badger

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