04 February 2019

"angelica and lafayette" - it's hamilton day

i either want to make this post super short: i love hamilton! (clearly)

or i want to write a 20 page thesis and link to my favorite articles and videos and attach a powerpoint about why it's such an incredible show. i know i've only seen it seven times, but i have a lot to say about it...

i think it's best if i split the difference, okay?

hamilton came to los angeles where i live (so glamorous!) in august of 2017. ignore the fact that it's now february 2019. i was so excited for its opening day in glamorous los angeles that i had to make a cake for it. and i had friends who i knew would be just as excited, so i made them a cake, too. i have so many friends.

since i'm the lin-manuel of cakes, let's break down these masterpieces cake by cake. angelica first:

i am more than satisfied* with how this turned out. clearly i nailed it. next.


now, before all you hamfams get all up in my business, YES. i know that lafayette is in his guns and ships costume but the quote is from aaron burr, sir**. like, don't at me, broseph. i had more blue icing, and i was feeling lazy. okay, thank you. but still. nailed it.

i love hamilton!

TOTAL DECORATING TIME: 3 hours + 1 awkward run-in where i, a grown adult, asked the actress who played angelica if she "was angelica." byeeeee.

ben franklin with a key and a kite,
sassy badger

* that's the name of the song that this lyric is from, and if you didn't know that, get the fuck off my page.

** if you didn't already put that together on your own, get the fuck off my page.

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